Flash and Go by Silkn: Permanent Hair Removal or Not?

by admin on June 21, 2013

flash and go

The Flash & Go by Silkn is a lightweight and innovative device providing a more permanent hair removal solution. The high tech design of applicator allows for targeted treatment even in sensitive areas, without the risk of razor burn or ingrowing hairs. The Flash & Go uses technology which has been FDA cleared and dermatologist recommended.

Is Flash and Go a Permanent Hair Removal System to Use at Home?

Unlike shaving, waxing or sugaring, which only provide short term smooth skin, the Flash & Go provides an affordable and long term alternative to costly salon laser treatments. The device plugs into a wall socket and is provided with an international plug. This means that you don’t need to worry about battery lifespan, making the device easy to use while at home or when traveling. The quick pulse speed means that you will see increased efficacy and faster results.
The Flash & Go provides laser-like results which can only usually be seen after professional treatments.

How Safe is it?

Additional sun protection should be used to protect the skin before and after treatments. Since the Flash & Go removes the unwanted hairs by addressing the hair pigment, it should be avoided on darker natural skin tones. The targeted pigmentation can also exist in the surrounding skin tissues, so treatment can cause adverse effects including blisters, burns or changes to skin tone. However the Flash & Go does contain a unique sensor to measure skin tone color. The inbuilt sensor registered the complexion of the treated skin at the start of a session and throughout the duration of the session. This sensor protects the user so that only suitable tones of skin will be exposed to emitted pulses.

Customer Reviews

Many people are attracted to the Flash & Go because of the multitude of positive reviews. Customer feedback indicates a very high customer satisfaction with great results. The skin sensor is also another reason why many customers feel safer with this type of hair removal system. The sensor takes away any guess work and provides a reassurance that it is safe to use on your unique skin tone.


How Easy is Flash and Go to Use?

flashandgoThe unit has different intensity levels to maximize its effectiveness. It is best to completely shave the treatment area and ensure the skin is clean and dry. This will allow more pulsed light to reach the follicle of the hair beneath the surface of the skin. The area treated can be in small targeted areas such as the face or bikini line or larger areas such as the legs. Any area is easy and simple to treat.

It is best to begin on the lowest level and build up to the higher settings. The higher settings will provide a longer lasting result but may be a little intense for new users. Each Flash & Go cartridge can last for over two thousand light bursts. This is more than adequate to cover the legs, arms, face and bikini line. The device has an inbuilt sensor which alerts the user when cartridge replacement is needed. You should expect to replace the cartridge approximately every two or three treatments.

How Does it Compare to Alternative Hair Removal Treatments?

Overall customer feedback is that the Flash & Go provides real results. Unlike many hair removal systems which are complicated or messy to use, the device provides a simple and convenient method of removing unwanted hair. The Flash & Go can remove hair for longer periods in time and in some areas the affects will become permanent after prolonged treatments.

This provides a far more effective method of hair removal than shaving or waxing, which provides only temporary results and can cause in growing hairs and skin reactions. The results are comparable to laser treatments which can be extremely costly and time consuming. You can expect to pay thousands of dollars for professional laser treatments, while the Flash & Go allows you to remove unwanted hair in the convenience of your own home.

Still Unsure if You Want to Buy Flash and Go?

Silkn is so confident that any customers wishing to try the Flash & Go will be completely satisfied, that they offer a full thirty day money back guarantee. This allows plenty of time to fully try the device and see the results for yourself completely free of risk.  If you try the Flash & Go and are not completely delighted with the results Silkn will ensure that you receive one hundred percent of the cost back. They even offer a variety of payment plans which allow you to spread the cost of the Flash & Go to more convenient installments.
If you are fed up with the inconvenience and irritation of shaving and the cost of salon waxing treatments, then the Flash & Go could be just what you have been looking for. It provides an affordable method of achieving long term hair removal without the exorbitant cost of laser treatments. With the money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose, so why not give it a try and enjoy smooth healthy skin for longer.

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