Tria Hair Removal System

by admin on May 30, 2013

Tria Hair removal

The company Tria has been established since 2003. Their research team and management had been the innovators behind the Lightsheer laser hair removal system which was used by physicians, spas and other professionals in the beauty industry. They established Tria with the clear aim to transform the technology behind the highly expensive and heavy industrial Lightsheer into a handheld device which was accessible and easy enough for customers to use at home. This was a huge developmental leap which would allow consumers to experience the same standard of laser hair removal and permanent results without the need for visiting professional spas and clinics.

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The Development of Tria

This took a huge amount of research and development but in 2004 Tria had created and started manufacturing of their first commercial laser. Tria began to market and expand throughout the world. They received FDA approval in 2006 to allow sales and marketing in the US. The Tria laser hair removal systems have received expert validation with renowned physicians demonstrating the efficacy at removing seventy percent of hair with only two treatments.

The Tria researchers did not stop there. They have modified the original designs to provide even easier use and effectiveness and developed other laser products including a dermatologist approved acne treatment system. The company has expanded to dominate the marketplace around the world and has received numerous awards and critical acclaim.

How Effective is It?

Tria Hair removalThe laser hair removal system has been FDA cleared as delivering permanent results. It remains the only commercially available laser hair removal system suitable and available for use at home. It can deliver the professional results you would expect to receive in a clinic which has been clinically proven to prevent hair from re-growing. Once a hair follicle has been treated, it will become disabled and unable to support the growth of a new hair. You can expect to see up to a seventy percent reduction in hair after only two treatments, and with weekly treatments, you should see permanent results in as little as three months.

This has created a revolution in home beauty. The Tria Hair Removal System removes the need for continuous hair removal treatments with waxing, shaving or sugaring. It eliminates the discomfort of ingrown hairs, stubble, burns or skin irritation and allows you to bare your skin at any time of the year.

The Product Range

The latest in the Tria hair removal product range is the Laser 4X. It has been FDA cleared as being effective and safe, providing the same standard of results which you would expect from a professional laser hair removal treatment regime.  It is equipped with five power settings, to ensure maximum comfort. It also has an in-built skin sensor which provides a safety feature, checking the tone and condition of your skin to ensure you will enjoy positive benefits. Once the Laser 4X has beeped, it will unlock and be safe to proceed.

The Laser 4X is remarkably easy to use. You simply place the laser tip on the skin and wait to hear two beeps. Once the beeps have sounded, move the laser tip to an adjacent area of skin. The innovative pulse counter ensures that you target the optimum quantity of pulses for each treatment area to allow for maximum accuracy and effectiveness.

tria hair removal

Ease of Use

The system is very quick to use. A treatment session can vary from a couple of minutes on the upper lip to twenty to thirty minutes for the legs. It has been clinically proven to be more effective than other method of hair removal including:

  • Waxing and shaving: These are temporary measures which in the case of shaving removes the surface of the hair, and waxing which pulls out the hair without disabling the follicle. These treatments need to be done frequently to avoid stubble. They can cause skin irritation and ingrowing hairs.
  • Intense Pulse Light Devices: These use flashes of light which can be absorbed by the skin rather than the follicle of the hair. This can result in skin heating which can cause irritation and the results are not always permanent. They can also be costly as accessories such as goggles are needed in addition to replacement bulbs.
  • Heat Devices: These provide a temporary hair removal by burning the hair from the surface of the skin. Although the hair appears to be completely removed, it will grow back in a similar way to waxed and shaved areas.

How Cost Effective is it?

The Tria Hair Removal System uses the same innovations in laser technology that professional treatment systems use. However, it allows customers the opportunity of not having to make professional spa or clinic appointments as the treatments can be done at a convenient time in the privacy and comfort of your own home. It is battery powered and small enough to be hand held, which makes it excellent to be used when travelling or in any location without the exorbitant cost of professional treatments.

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